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Assalamualaikum, annyeong .. today i wanna to tell about EXO SHOWTIME !!! Yeah already have 6 episode .. and only 4th left T_T ohhhh suho oppa, please make this showtime more longer episode please ??? Agagagaga suho never read my blog .. so 10 episode still oh kay *reality: crying a river*

And now i'm already printscreen all funny part in Exo showtime - EP 6 (no eng sub) only 14 picture i capture it .. and never re-copy okay ? tqvm.. okay now imma put the simple (not simple very much) on each photo ... agagaga mohon ketawa  k 

- Chanyeo go ruin XD bunyi kuat plak tu dia nak jatuh-

-Squidmonger or exomonger ?? -

- Baekhyun known as Datin at Malaysia-

-When TAO show his habbits and his elephant style-

-D.o just like an famous idol wearing hijab-

-Rich guy being a mother or what ?? -

- Jongdae = Muslim girl wearing a hijab XD -

-Poor jongdae T_T his 'burn meat' his face look sad-

...... no des; available

- how rich guy laugh-

- i heve repeat this part about 5times XD cuz, his body so aumm .. 
and u will hear a 'miracle sound' on it-


-Chanyeol fact -_- idk what he do before with the alumminium foil alone-

And now what ? i love this part .. auww so touched ..  but i isn't hear Jongdae,D.o,Baekhyun.Luhan,Kris,Lay,Kai, Yehet their wish on 2014 or idk cuz xde sub tittle T_T .. but I'm enjoy this episode just like then ... so touched .. :) 

Okay this my last word .. tq read the long passage and let's go on laugh a lot with this funny Jongdae and Kai sexy pose ..

Do comment ??? tq

Blogger Anis Syahirah said...

ahh. takde peluang nk tgk exo showtime minggu ni. sibuk dgn homework. huhu. :(

January 3, 2014 at 10:40 PM  

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